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Manual attendance marking and estimation leads to the expenditure of time and cost of the organizations. Human errors, buddy punching and fraudulent time keeping are additional hidden expenses which directly affects the productivity of any organizations. Variation in attendance policies from one company to another makes it extremely challenging to capture time-attendance data and automate them. Therefore, a fully automated time-attendance management software is paramount for enhancing productivity of any organization.  

Matrix Time-Attendance system is an automated attendance management software which records the attendance data of a user and generates various reports for the further actions. It not only saves administrative cost but also facilitates HR to centrally manage the attendance policies from multiple locations. Automatic calculation of overtime, leave balance, enables managers to work efficiently. Its standalone or network based operation is ideal for Schools, Hospitals, Government Institutes, Banks, Remote Sites, Hotels, Small/Large Enterprises and many more. HR can easily utilize employee attendance management software for employee review, appraisals or monthly salary calculation.


Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance Solution (AEBAS) is an attendance management system designed for government organizations by Government of India to improve productivity of employees. The system authenticates attendance using Aadhaar number created by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). It is a cloud based BAS that monitors attendance of government employees in real-time. 

Matrix introduces the first embedded Linux based Aadhaar enabled attendance device registered on AEBAS Server – COSEC VEGA FAXQ. This Aadhaar biometric device is purposely designed for attendance marking application. It authenticates users using their Aadhaar number stored in the smart card and fingerprint in less than 1.5 sec. The device offers unique advantages in terms of connectivity, technology, usage environment and easiness. Its IP65 design, smart card, multi-language, PoE, wireless connectivity, and touchscreen make it a foolproof Time-Attendance solution for Government organizations. 

It is an Aadhaar enabled biometric device that captures the attendance data and sends it to the AEBAS server in real-time. 

It supports two types of user authentication:

  • To enter AADHAAR number followed by showing fingerprint credential
  • To show RFID Smart Card with AADHAAR Number followed by showing fingerprint credential

Hence, the Matrix Aadhaar based attendance system provide employees with the option of easy attendance marking, without having to manually enter their AADHAAR number. Designed for long term, uninterrupted performance with prudent blend of aesthetics, speed, connectivity, convenience and reliability, COSEC VEGA FAXQ is a perfect fit for biometric Time-Attendance system of Government organizations.